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About Me
I'm a university student, studying to be a medical herbalist, and already have qualifications in aromatherapy massage; but somehow I am now working in a busy city centre restaurant (something about electricity and putting food on the table....?)

I also happen to have a serious addiction to reading and writing slashfanfic.

About this Journal
Welcome to my playground!
This journal features a selection of fanfiction, those pieces I consider my best. It's freely friendable and comments are love!

About my Writing
I write stories based on the television program Power Rangers, which I have watched since its first season with some series exceptions.
I write pairing centred pieces. If you dislike stories that feature same-sex pairings (’slash’ or ‘femslash’), I would advise you that most of my work includes such relationships. I do occasionally write male/female relationships (‘het’) but rarely.

My PR Geek code is:
PRv1.1 Gf A+ L44 K! H--- R+++ Wtdi S02 S03 S04 S05 S06 S11 E255 E275 E460 E472 E484 E485 C02ap++im C03ac++sm C06cv++im C11sc++m P02ap/to P02ap/06cv P11sc/hb B++lo Dbf $++
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