Title: Storm Driven
Relationship: Shane/Hunter
Rating: PG
A/N: The first in the storm series; Shane's point of veiw. Much love to my amazing beta [personal profile] lilyleia78 
Disclaimer: I have no claim to the power rangers series, characters or anything else recognisable as being a part of the power rangers concept. There is no money being made from this work of fiction



Some nights sleep is just out of the question.

Nights like this.

Leaping over a fallen tree trunk and landing ankle-deep in the mud wallow on the other side; I can only ask myself for the hundredth time tonight why I am doing this.

All around me the air feels heavy with imminent rainfall. I know I should turn back, but I continue anyway. Soon instinct takes over, and I cease to question anymore. Hurtling past the tree line and out onto the promontory I skid to a halt, taking in the open vista before me. Stretching out my senses to encompass the air around me, I breathe it in until it becomes a part of me and I merge into it.

I’ve always taken joy in a lightning storm; ever since I was small I would sit at my window and watch the fiery arrows of light racing across the heavens. But since my friends and I became power rangers, our interest in the powerful weather patterns has grown. We each feel driven to be a part of it. I think of my friends and fellow rangers now and wonder where this night has brought them.

As if by my bidding, their images come into my mind. I can see Tori on the beach looking out to sea. With her head thrown back and the wind whipping her long blonde hair across her face she looks like the untamable element her powers channel.

Dustin is sitting on the escarpment above the motocross track and is covered in mud and cut grass, the intense look on his face so unlike the jovial, carefree youth that I know.

As before, we can feel each other’s presence and are content to share in this experience together. But tonight is different.

Tonight as I reach out to commune with my fellow power rangers, I can feel the presence of two others with us. Blake and Hunter stand side by side on the cliff top, a safe distance away from the edge.

I notice how different they are; it’s a difference that goes beyond blond hair and dark. Blake radiates a still alertness, eyes flitting over the clouds, assessing. He is the lightening strike, swift and deadly accurate. Beside him is Hunter’s brooding presence, like the distant boom of thunder; power rolling across the terrain that goes beyond the restraints of physical form - unyielding, uncompromising, and unstoppable.
Sensing me, Hunter turns his eyes from the tumultuous surf below. In the moonless night, those dark orbs appear to be the same stormy grey as the clouds above. He smiles, and reaches out with his power, which is deep like the ocean and surprisingly warm as it flows over me; accompanied by the crisp scent of ozone. It is the lightest of touches, almost a caress.
And a promise of things to come.

Some nights sleep is just out of the question.

Nights like this.
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